Epssilon Networks is an ICT company specializing in remote monitoring systems, and is committed to the creation of new ideas, through research and development activities, aimed at expanding its market opportunities.

Since 2011, Epssilon contributes to the ICT market expansion across technological innovation development, applying new concepts, ideas, products and services .

Epssilon is a young company composed by highly qualified researchers with different fields of expertise. Therefore, Epssilon does not only sale products but also offers customized solutions based on remote monitoring system technologies such as IEEE 802.15.4 and RFID.

It currently has several strategic alliances with global technological partners in different countries . Among them, Epssilon has signed a joint cooperation agreement with European and South Korean leader companies in the field of wireless sensor networks.


The company provides products and solutions based on the open standard IEEE 802.15.4, which are compatible with the TelosB platform, and that supports TinyOS and Contiki operating systems. With our headquarters located in Chile, we are able to serve the local market and the latin america region (Argentina, Peru, Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and others)