Product Name: MTS-EM1000

The EM1000 is an attachable sensor board that is compatible with all the EPS-XXXX series of WSN Motes that have the 51-pin connector.
It includes temperature, humidity, light and vibration sensors. EM1000's main field of application is ambient monitoring, as it can give real time information on the air temperature and humidity, as well as lighting conditions. The additional accelerometer sensor provides vibration variations, which can be useful in agricultural applications, to measure vibration of crops, or security, as it can detect changes in the position of the sensor node.


Main Features

  • Compatible with all CMXXXX WSN Motes with 51-pin connector.
  • Sensirion® SHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Hamamatsu® S1087 light sensor (visible range)
  • Hamamatsu® S1087-01 light sensor (visible & infrared range)
  • Analog Devices® ADXL32 2-axis Accelerometer


  ITEM Specification Description
Temperature Sensirion® SHT11 2 wire digital sensor
Humidity Sensirion® SHT11 2 wire digital sensor
Light (visible) Hamamatsu® S1087 Photodiode
Light (visible & infrared) Hamamatsu® S1087-01 Photodiode
Accelerometer Analog Devices® ADXL32 2-axis Accelerometer
Connector & Jumpers
51-pin connector Hirose®DF9B-51S-1V Attachable with CMXXXX series of motes
Jumpers - Jumpers to toggle S1087 calibrated readings