EV-2000 - Basic Evaluation Kit
Product Name: EV-2000

The Starter Kit is a simple yet powerful set of IEEE 802.15.4 nodes and sensor boards for small deployments. It will let the user understand the technology beneath and its potential for larger integrations. It also includes the advanced SG1000, a standalone IEEE 802.15.4 - Ethernet Bridge able to cope with a large number of nodes and to easily configure the nodes and the network itself.

The devices are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 open standard, fully compatibles withe the TelosB platform, and support TinyOS and Contiki, the two most known operating systems for WSN.

Starter Kit

Main Features

  • Basic Evaluation Kit for EPS-xx00 compatible devices.
  • Includes a Gateway/Concntrator (Embedded PC)
  Category Device Items incluidos
  WSN Motes
EPS-5000 - Node with Including Temp., Humi. and Light sensor
EPS-3300 - Node with power amplifier and 5dBi external antenna
EPS-3000 - WSN node with dipole antenna
  WSN Sensors
DS-1000 - CO, CO2, Temp. sensor
SE-1000 - PIR, Magnetic, microphone sensor
EX-1000 - Sensor expansion board
  WSN Interfaces
USB-1000 - USB interface board
  WSN Gateway
SG1000 - Ethernet-802.15.4 Gateway (Embedded PC)