Product Name: MTS-EX1000

The EX1000 is an attachable sensor board that is compatible with all the EPS-XXXX series of WSN Motes that have the 51-pin connector. The EX1000 aim is to extend the motes I/O capability. It is designed to attach external sensors to the CMxx00 communication modules.Different kind of sensors can be connected to the EX1000. Depending on its performance and output type, it is possible to plug the following signals into this board: Digital signals, current (range: 4-20mA) signals and Dynamic range Analog signals.


Main Features

  • Expansion sensor board for CMX000 (WSN mote)
  • ADC 4 port, GPIO (UserINT) 2port
  • RS232, 2 port (Full1 port), SP3232(sipex)
  • VoltAmp, 2 port, LMV932 (National Semiconductor)


  ITEM Specification Description
  LMV932 Texas Instruments® Operational amplifier
  MAX232 MAXIM® RS-232 Transceiver
  51-pin connector Hirose®DF9B-51S-1V Attachable with CMXXXX series of motes
  3 pin male header molex Analog Devices®
  Terminal block 12 pins Modtronix® TB12B-F254-R4
EX1000 Datasheet
51-Pin Connector