Product Name: MTI-SER1000

The SER1000 actuates as a serial interface for all all the EPS-XXXX series of WSN Motes that include the terminal block connector. It is used to access or download data from the motes and the sensors boards they have attached. The SER1000 allows a RS-232 serial data transmission through its UARTs, which are directly connected to the MPS430 ones. Computers, controllers or other devices such as routers can be used to establish a serial communication with the SER1000 and the attached mote.


Main Features

  • Mote gateway connectivity (COM port serial Rx/Tx)
  • Mote reprogramming (acts as a programming downloader)


  ITEM Specification Description
  Interface Type D_sub Connector 9 pin connector female
  RS-232 Transceiver MAXIM® MAX3232 UART2RS-232 converter chip
  Quad Buffer Texas Instruments®  SN74HC126 USB Rx/Tx Communications buffer
  Octal Switch Analog Devices®  ADG715 Reset sequence recognition
  Mote Interface Terminal Block (Phoenix Contact) Connector to CMXX00 WSN Motes (Vcc, GND, 8 port ADC, 2 port GPIO pins)