Product Name: AS-UD1000

802.15.4 compliant USB dongle

The UD1000 is a IEEE 802.15.4 compliant wireless sensor node based on the original open-source "TelosB" platform design developed and published by the University of California, Berkeley. The compact USB dongle form format makes it specially adequate to act as sink node for your wireless sensor network deployments. 


Main Features

  • IEEE 802.15.4 WSN mote
  • TI MSP430F1611 Microcontroller, CC2420 RF Chip
  • TinyOS 2.x & ContikiOS Compatible
  • USB Interface
  • Electric & Electromagnetic certification
  ITEM Specification Description
  Processor Model Texas Instruments®
Texas Instruments®
MSP430 family
  Memory 48KB
Program flash
Data RAM
External Flash (ST® M25P80)
  ADC 12bit resolution 8 channels
  Interfaces UART, SPI, I2C
Serial Interfaces
External System Interface (FTI® FT232BM)
  RF Chip Texas Instruments®
IEEE 802.15.4 2.4GHz Wireless Module
  Frequency Band 2.4GHz ~ 2.485GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
  Sensitivity -95dBm typ Receive Sensitivity
  Transfer Rate 250Kbps IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
  RF Power -25dBm ~ 0dBm Software Configurable
  Range ~40m(outdoor), 15~20m(indoor) Dongle orientation dependant
  Current Draw RX: 18.8mA TX: 17.4mA Sleep mode: 1uA Lower RF Power Modes reduce consumption
  RF Power Supply 2.1V ~ 3.6V CC2420 Input Power
  Antenna Ceramic antenna
  Electromechanical Characteristics
  Dimensions 65mm x 22.5mm x 14mm Including housing
  Weight 15g -
  Power 5V DC over USB
  Current 90mA Max rated current over USB
  Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +60°C
  Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
  Humidity Operation Range 5% ~ 95% Non condensing
  Protection type IP20 Non condensing
  EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1:2008 ERM
Part 1: Common technical requirements
  EN 301 489-17 V2.1.1:2009 ERM
Part 17: Specific conditions for Broadband Data Transmission Systems
  EN 61000-4-3:2006 EMC Part 4-3: Testing and measurement techniques - Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test (IEC 61000-4-3:2006).
  EN 300 328 V1.7.1:2006 ERM Wideband transmission systems, Data transmission equipment operating in the 2,4 GHz ISM band and using wide band modulation techniques, Harmonized EN covering essential requirements under article 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive.
  LST EN 60950-1:2006 Electrical CE Certified
  LST EN 60950-1:2006/A11:2009 Electrical CE Certified
  RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances 2002/95/CE Compliant