Product Name: MTI-USB1000

The USB1000 is an attachable interface board compatible with all the EPS-3000 and EPS-4000 series of WSN Motes that include the terminal block connector. It provides connectivity to a PC or laptop through the USB connector.


Main Features

  • Mote power (through powered USB connector)
  • Mote gateway connectivity (USB2UART Rx/Tx)
  • Mote reprogramming (acts as a programming downloader)


  ITEM Specification Description
  Interface Type USB type A USB 1.1 compatible. USB full speed support(12Mbps)
  USB2UART Chip FTDI® FT232BM USB2UART converter chip
  1kbit EEPROM Microchip® 93C46 Driver ID storage
  Quad Buffer Texas Instruments® SN74HC126 USB Rx/Tx Communications buffer
  Octal Switch Analog Devices® ADG715 Reset sequence recognition
  Mote Interface Terminal Block (Phoenix Contact) Connector to CMXX00 WSN Motes (Vcc, GND, 8 port ADC, 2 port GPIO pins)