Epssilon's WSN products present same accuracy and quality of service as traditional wired monitoring systems . These devices increase the traditional wired monitoring systems flexibility and provide lower costs solutions.

With different range, bandwidth, and battery options, wireless sensors and monitoring systems can solve a large variety of remote application challenges where wired systems are unfeasible.

Wireless Nodes
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Wireless Nodes
EPS-3000, EPS-4000 & EPS-5000 series wireless nodes are the perfect solution for low-cost and short-range remote sensing applications. Devices are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, they are compatible with the TelosB platform and support TinyOS and Contiki operating systems.
Interfaces & Gateways
Special boards to communicate with wireless nodesthrough external interfaces (USB, Serial, Ethernet, etc). They are normally used for programming nodes that don't have a self-programming interface, or as a communication gateway.
Sensor Boards
External sensor boards enable to interface virtually any kind of sensors with the wireless communication modules. EPS-3000 and EPS-4000 wireless nodes have a 51-pin connector specially designed to attach the external sensor boards. The EPS-5000 does not have the 51-pin connector, as it is a self-contained module that has some basic sensors integrated onboard.
Evaluation Kits

Evaluation kits are a fast, easy, and cost-effective way of starting with and trying IEEE 802.15.4 open WSN technology.

The company provides products and solutions based on the open standard IEEE 802.15.4, which are compatible with the TelosB platform, and that supports TinyOS and Contiki operating systems. With our headquarters located in Chile, we are able to serve the local market and the latin america region.